About the Consortium

The goal of the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium is to facilitate HMC Integration into a wide variety of systems, platforms and applications by defining an adoptable industry-wide interface that enables developers, manufacturers and enablers to leverage this revolutionary technology.

How to Get Involved

The HMCC is open to an unlimited number of adopters who can apply for access to the HMC Specification and participate in the specification review, discussion and development.

  • To receive an executable Adopter Agreement fill out and submit an Application.

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HMC Consortium Participants

Founded by Micron Technology and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium is managed by a group of eight developers, each of whom has equal voice and voting power on the final specification. This group is responsible for managing the organization, attending management and adoption meetings, and developing and optimizing the ongoing HMC interface specification.

Developer Members:

 Altera now part of Intel






  Micron Technology, Inc


Open-Silicon, Inc.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd


SK hynix




 Xilinx, Inc.




Adopter Members:

HMCC has delivered the first Draft HMC Specification to Adopters! Be among the first to review by visiting the About Us page and requesting the Adopters Agreement.