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Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) represents an entirely new category of high performance memory, delivering unprecedented system performance and bandwidth.  The HMC Consortium is a working group made up of industry leaders that build, design-in or enable HMC memory technology.  The group works to innovate and expand the capabilities of the next generation of memory-based solutions.

HMC Adopters participate in consortium working sessions, provide input to specification drafts and have access to the final HMC specification.  To receive an executable Adopter Agreement, complete and submit the form below.

NOTE: This form should be completed by an individual who has the authority to sign this agreement on behalf of your company.  If you are interested in additional information prior to requesting an executable copy of the agreement please use our Contact Form

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HMCC has delivered the first Draft HMC Specification to Adopters! Be among the first to review by visiting the About Us page and requesting the Adopters Agreement.